About Havoc

What is Havoc?

This is a browser based 2D spaceship arcade game where the focus is on the development of the player’s spaceship therefore this is the part what we would like to add the greatest emphasis for. There are still many questions about the full concept but what we have so far is promising.

In progress...

All beginnings are difficult. Our biggest dilemma are the assets now. Currently our team based on two programmers only therefore we are facing some graphic design issues. Right now we are trying to gather some funds to be able to pay a stunning graphic design. On the other hand we already have some working UI, gameplay and mission editor based on OpenFl too. The meantime we are brainstorming on different workarounds and trying to finalize the in game skill tree as well.



We are developing Havoc into your browser. You can play with it with any devices, you just need only a modern browser to run it!


Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language, a cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library and ways to access each platform's native capabilities. Learn more


Heaps is a really powerful game engine not just for browser games and yes, it's open source!


HPP is our common haxe package with a lot of useful solutions. We are using it for Havoc and for the Level Editor too. Let's check it on github!

Meet the team

We are 2 Haxe developers from Germany, or Luxembourg or Hungary, it depends =) Of course like most of the Haxe developers we were Flash developers. Our company realized that the Flash is already not really well supported or died – as you wish -, and we decided next to the Haxe. It looks it was a good choice and now we are trying to make an amazing game in Haxe in our free time! It won’t be our first game, but of course it will be the best!